Bring your team together in one place

Velox is an instant messaging platform to help remote teams communicating faster and clearer using classifiable messages with fast answers and embedded widgets.

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The difference

We love the email, but it's slow. We love Slack, but we get lost in tons of messages. That's why we have created the perfect mix. Keep your conversations organized by topics, but without delays. Communicate both with people inside or outside your team instantly. Keep your team connected even when they are miles away.

Explore the features

Create topic-based conversations

In Velox, you don't mix all the topics in the same chat. Instead, you can create different conversations with different, or the same people to talk about diverse topics.

Add widgets

We want to save you time. Instead of waiting for the answers from the whole team, just create a poll and get the information faster.

Create your own domain

Velox provides a well-organized hierarchy for domains and addresses. Register your company and create your own scheme!

Send up to 3 GB

Forget about the old poor limits of email, WhatsApp or Slack. With Velox, you can send all the media you want.

Answer fast and get fast answers

Messages are designed to be answered fast. Why writing something if you can click an emoji? With Velox you can add your reactions to messages.


Automate everything. Use our API to send messages to your team, receive alerts or integrate it with your servers.

100% encrypted

Security is an must, not an option. All your information is carefully stored in our server with AES-256 bits.

Become a tester

Join us today for free. Try it out, play around and spread the word!